Dance Wars

Group Dance Event

United we stand, divided we fall...prove it..the stage awaits your presence...The battle of teams..where synchronisation is the lock and poise , grace and creativity are the keys . Lets see who will pass and who trips is the goal and bonding is the path...may the best team win.

Prize Money
1st PRIZE  15000
2nd PRIZE  10000

Each team will be given a time slot of few minutes to perform.(minimum time 6mins and maximum time 10mins).
Both theme and non theme categories are allowed.
Only one round will be conducted.
Judges decision will be final.

Q.Any changing rooms?
A.Will be provided for the participants at the venue.
For Any Queries
 Praneeth S - - 7397463760
 Jahnavi M.- - 9701757375

Minimum number of participants per team is 6. Maximum number of participants per team depends on stage dim.(40ftx25ft) Maximum of 2 backstage helpers.
Each team member should get their own Samgatha Passport (can be collected at Hospidesk after coming here).
Inflammable objects, water and heavy objects are not allowed on stage.
The teams have to be present at the venue of the event by an hour before event starts with all their team members.

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