SOLO Dance Event

Tap your feet and sway your hips ...for we bring the most challenging battle ever .
For all the dance lovers out there, bring on the sensation and heat up the mood with your sensuous moves and eye-catching twirls.
Let loose and indulge in Impulse - the battle to die for.

Prize Money
1st PRIZE  3000
2nd PRIZE  2000

Min and max time of performance 3 to 4 mins respectively
Single round competition.
If more participants turnout,2 rounds may be conducted.
Round 2 will be spontaneous.

Q.Any changing rooms?
A.Will be provided for the participants at the venue.
For Any Queries
 Praneeth S - - 7397463760
 Jahnavi M.- - 9701757375

Participant should bring their own tracks
Indecent behavior on stage shall not be tolerated
Judges decision will be final
Inflammable objects and heavy props are not allowed etc..
Participant should get their own Samgatha Passport (can be collected at Hospidesk after coming here).

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