Everything which is to be understood,can be expressed ,for "all the world's stage ,and all men and women merely players".A call to all dramatist out there,the stage is all yours.Showcase your ideas , enact the role, emote through your body, and laugh off your worries; for the perfect blend of emotions and synchronization will be an inspiration to the others.

Prize Money
1st PRIZE  7000
2nd PRIZE  5000

language- English, Hindi, Tamil
Theme- open

Q.What will be the size of the stage?
A.It will be sufficiently big for props for one scene only.

Q.Will there be help with the handling of the props?
A.Yes, it will be available.

Q.Will a dressing room be available?
A. Sufficiently big washrooms with multiple mirrors are available.

Q.Will a projector be available?
A.Yes, Projection screen is available behind the stage.

Q.What types of Props are allowed?
A.Props which won't cause any damage to property are allowed.specifically wet and flammable props are not allowed.

Q.Will we be able to rehearse on stage before the actual performance?
A.Main stage won't be provided, but a similar stage will be provided.

Q.Who will judge the event?
A.Information about the Judges will be available on the description page.
For Any Queries
 Devarshi -
 Viraj S.- - 9405177970

No flammable props allowed, basic props like table and chair will be provided.No damage should be done to college property.
Theme -open theme
Dramas will be conducted of time limit 15-20 mins each and audience will be entertained between dramas.

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