Speech as a form of communication marked a milestone in the process of evolution. Every prominent discovery or invention is always a result of assertions and contradictions. A person with prowess in speaking can convince the world that even Trump is a nice man. We invite you with eloquent to exhibit your mastery over the art of debating and of course, convincing the majority that you are always right.

Prize Money
1st PRIZE  1500
2nd PRIZE  1000

Several rounds of elimination. Final two will battle it out head to head in the finale.

For Any Queries
 Rohan Sehgal - mdm15b017@iiitdm.ac.in - 7358526023;8879454970
 Govind K P - ced15i007@iiitdm.ac.in - 9789273408

The event consists of several rounds of speaking tasks, from JAM to Group discussions to Debating.
Contestants have to participate in all rounds to reach the finals.
Judges decision will be final.
Use of profanity is discouraged.

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