Words, one of the most powerful tools in the world. They can be used as a weapon or as a shield. They can start wars or end them. True communication is achieved through writing of words. Words once said, cannot be taken back. And words once written, form an everlasting bond. Come participate to express yourself through your writing in an on-the-spot creative writing battle with imagination as your weapon and paper being the battleground.

Prize Money
1st PRIZE  1500
2nd PRIZE  1000

3 writing tasks spanning over 1 hour.

For Any Queries
 Rohan Sehgal - - 7358526023;8879454970
 Govind K P - - 9789273408

Event will be of 1 hour duration.
Event will consist of 3 writing tasks.
Participants will be marked on their originality and creativity.

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