Product Styling

Look at something simple. Something you see every day. Something that no one ever thinks of redesigning because it seems pointless to do so.
Do you think you could make it look better? Then, here is your chance.
In this event, you will be given an ordinary object to redesign using design software. Show off the best of your imagination as you bring everyday items to a more stylish existence, not compromising on their function along the way.

-look at something old
-find a way to aesthetically improve it
-using design software

Prize Money
1st PRIZE  3000
2nd PRIZE  2000
3rd PRIZE  1000

PSC has 2 rounds.
1st round: A problem statement will be given on the spot of the event. Based on the problem statement you have to come up with a conceptual design, with a rough sketch and brief explanation for your design.
Based on your conceptual design you will be selected for the 2nd round.(There will be some filtration of participants in 1st round)
2nd round: In second round you have to make the model that you conceptualised in 1st round in a design software.
Computer for making the model in design software is provided by the collage itself. (you are not allowed to bring your laptops.)

For Any Queries
 Gautham Manoj - - 9790566521
 A. Vamsi Vikas- - 9790564404

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