In this rapidly developing technological world one has a cup full of opportunity they say that "Strike while the iron is hot " So take stock of this chance being presented in the form of the event which is a bundle of interdisciplinary concepts. So for all the science lovers, elevate your skills of arduino and raspberry-pi coding and its implementation in hardware. So technology lovers join us and showcase your new tangled ideas.

Prize Money
1st PRIZE  5000
2nd PRIZE  3000
3rd PRIZE  2000

Team size-Maximum 4
You need to make a working prototype and should explain your prototype during samgatha.
By the start of event you should be ready with a working model.

Q. Who can participate ?
A. Students from any college & university with valid ID card
Q. How many members can be there in one team ?
A. One team can have maximum 4 members .
Q. Can a team have members from different college ?
A. Yes.
Q. Charging facility is available for charging our electronic products (like batteries etc )?
A. YES, Its available
Q. Does any electronic components will be provided ?
A. NO, electronic components will not be provided from our institute .

For Any Queries

NT Aravind

Sachin P R

Eswar Sai Krishna G

1) medical alert (or) monitoring system
We know that some people forget to take their tablets on time. So the task here is to make a device that nags a person to take a tablet on time. Your device has to remind the person to take tablets on time. And it has to make sure that the tablet has been taken. You are independent to make product design and to assume the different scenarios of end user usage. But the assumption has to stated clearly.

2) Accident prevention
Make a circuit that can be fixated to a vehicle so that it takes precautionary measures and decisions to avoid accident. Also, your product should warn the user, and during unpredictable and instantaneous conditions the product should be intelligent enough to take independent decisions.
You are independent to make product design and to assume different scenarios of usage but the assumption should be stated clearly.
Judgement criteria
30 points for innovation
20 points for demonstration
30 points for working and circuit
20 points for design and manufacturing (make)

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