Samgatha Business Challenge

Samgatha Business Challenge (SBC) is one of the most awaited events, organized by the Entrepreneurship & Investment Club of the college. The registrations for the event are open, so do register as soon as possible. The event requires the participants (teams each of 3-5 members) to submit their business plans at the initial stage. The selected people would be given an amount to set up a stall within the premises, run it and make profits.

Prize Money
1st PRIZE  8000
2nd PRIZE  6000
3rd PRIZE  4000

Post registration,a TDP(team description paper) form will be mailed to the respective teams,which is to be filled and sent back before the deadline (March).

Selected teams need to present their ideas through available means(Oral,PPTs,charts.. etc ) at the venue.
Shortlisted teams will be given the investment to setup their stalls inside the campus (, March).
Download the TDP here
Mail the completed TDPs to

Q. How much is the investment?
A. An amount of 1500/- will be given.
Q. Do I need to come to the campus for every round?
A. For Round 1- NO (Its completely online)For Round 2&3- Yes
Q.Do I need to return the investment if I run into losses?
Q.Can I participate in any other event of the fest while participating in SBC?
A.YES, but it is mandatory for that there need to be atleast 2 members of your team at the stall.
For Any Queries
 Jashwanth       - - 9790564371
 Siri Kantipudi      - - 9789011561
 Gatti Sai Subrahmanya Swami - - 9494184538

1.Investment need not be returned in case of business losses.
2.Games and gambling as basis of the business is not permitted.
3.Stall timings must be strictly followed i.e (9am to 4pm).
4.Both the given investment and 50% of the profits should be returned.
6.Only the given investment must be utilized.
7.No quitting once the stall is setup.
8.In case of any changes in the team/members,they must be priorly informed and accepted by us.

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