Mech-a-thon is an event where people with different mindsets, thoughts and opinions get exposed to execute a task. This platform is provides you to develop your skills and enjoy a good hands on experience.

Prize Money
1st PRIZE  5000
2nd PRIZE  3000
3rd PRIZE  2000

Its time to test your technical skills along with your power of reasoning.

Shortlisted teams from the pen-paper event can participate in this event. Unique problem statement shall be provided to teams.Points will be awarded to each team after the completion of the task based on their task they choose and evaluated by the judges. Based on judging criteria, we would further shortlist teams for the final round. Decision taken by the judges is final. Teams would be disqualified when they are being found using materials which are not provided by us.

Junkyard Wars
Junkyard Wars is the mega event for Samgatha 2k17. The Hands-On event. The shortlisted teams would be given a problem statement and are asked to build the prototype. Around a day and day & a half would be given to build the prototype.Decision taken by the judges is final.

Q.What is the max number of people in a team?
A.Minimum of 3 and Maximum of 4 members are allowed to form a team.

Q.It is pre-registered or on spot registered event?
A.It is pre-registered event and you have to register in SAMGATHA 2K17 Website.

Q.All the team members should be from same college?
A. No, you can be from different colleges, branches and years.

Q.Is there any TDP submission required for this event?
A. No, this a on-spot event.

Q.Are there any prerequisites to register for this event?
A. No. For the 1st round you just have to get pen & pencil.

Q.Do we have to bring any external material for the event?
A.Bring your pens, pencils other than these everything is provided by us. And for next round, you need to procure materials from outside (sufficient time will be given to complete this task)

For Any Queries
 Manasa Korada- - 8754538329
 V. S. Srinadh- - 9003356328

Problem Statements shall be revealed at the time of event for prototyper and a day before junkyard wars.

Rules And Regulations:
Each individual has to preregister in the website.
All materials shall be provided by us. Usage of external materials will make us disqualify your team!
Negative points shall be awarded any team exceeds time limit.

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