Samgatha Main Quiz

The joy of quizzing lies not in knowing facts, but in connecting the dots to get the answer. If something similar to this is your philosophy behind quizzing, you are at the right place.
If you are a good quizzer, there should be no second thought. If you arenot , we would ensure you become a better quizzer.
Prize Money details will be announced soon.


Q1. Are there any pre-requisites? A.As we said, "Curiosity" and "Never give up" attitude will do and yeah, carrying your own pen would be appreciated.
Q2. Are cross-college teams allowed?
Q3. Do I have to register for the event ?
A.ONSPOT registrations are also acceptable.

Rohith Chetana 9941350425

A written prelims will be conducted during SAMGATHA.
Full time college students from all disciplines are allowed.
Maximum team size allowed is 3.

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