Chamber Of Secrets

Design and manufacture a Manual wired/wireless bot which can get the treasure box from the Chamber, whelming the obstacles and an Autonomous bot which can get the key to open the treasure.

Prize Money
1st PRIZE  10000
2nd PRIZE  8000
3rd PRIZE  6000

Refer Problem Statement.

Q1. Are we allowed to destroy the obstacle in order to enter into the block?
A. No, any damage to the arena is not entertained.
Q2. Can any part of the robot detach from itself?
A. Detachment is not allowed once the game starts.
Q3. Are there any prerequisites to register for this event?
A. No. Students from any college or university can participate.
Q4. Will there be any registration fee?
A. No.
Q5. How many members are allowed to participate in a group?
A. A max of 5 can form a group.
Q6. Is there any facility for charging our equipment at the venue?
A. Yes.
Q7. Will there be given other chance if the bot stopped working in the middle of the arena due to some loose connections?
A. A trail will be given before starting the event .Second chance will not be given during evaluation.
Q8. Can a team have persons from different colleges?
A. Yes, cross college teams are allowed.
Q9. What should I do if I have a question unanswered?
A. Contact us.
Q10.Can I use a ready-made kit?
A. No. You are supposed to design and build your own bots. If you are found to have used ready-made kits, you will be disqualified.

Click Here to download Problem Statement.
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You are advised to keep checking the website for updates. In Any Disputes Organizers Decision Will be final.
Contact details:
1. Dheepika ph 09952035154
2. Vivek Khatua ph 09843452814
Last date for TDP submission is 19th March 2017.

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