The Zerone club brings to you an event covering the five crucial aspects of Computer Science: Programming, Networks, Databases, Algorithms and Web Technologies.
Test your knowledge of this awe-inspiring domain by participating in Pentagon, a multi-round quiz contest.
Let the buzzers begin!

Prize Money
1st PRIZE  3000
2nd PRIZE  2000

This event is of two rounds.
First round is online prelims. It is a coding marathon where you have to do the code in the limited time given.
It is an On-spot event. It will test the participant in 4 topics.
1. Programming Languages
2. Algorithms
3. Computer Networks
4. My SQL

Q. Which type of event is it?
A. It’s an individual event.
Q. Do we need to bring our own computer systems for the event?
A. No. The Preliminary Round will be a written round.
For Any Queries
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 K. Shanmukha Akhil - - 9790566260


Registrations closed!!!